Prices/ costs for fogging and decontamination service.
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What does fogging cost?

Always a hard question but to give you a idea.

  • 3 Bedroom house start at £150.*

  • Offices start at £100.*

  • Mobile homes start at £100.*

  • School classrooms start at £100.*

  • Care homes please call

  • Restaurants start at £150.*

  • Rental property's please call. 

While we fully understand that your needs for fogging and decontamination of area's could and can be different, it's a great idea to call and discuss your needs. The main benefit of this is you get to talk to a expert and we can go through your needs.

*These prices are for individual starting price however if more than one room, area, mobile home, school classroom, house etc are required discounts are and will be available. 


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